CSE-H20 is a 2 ports RS232 to Ethernet converter that handles TCP/IP data automatically. Therefore, this RS232 to Ethernet converter helps your serial devices to simply get networking capabilities as well as restrains them from the distance limitation of serial communication. CSE-H20’s serial ports are interfaced with RJ45 connectors and support serial communication at speed up to 230,400bps. This RS232 to Ethernet converter comes preloaded with various communication functions(DNS, DDNS, Telnet COM Port, etc.) and strong security functions(SSL, MAC/IP filtering, etc.).

CSE-H20 can be used in diverse applications such as Advertisement SystemRemote Weather Monitoring SystemControl PLC over Internet, etc.

Benefits & Features

  • Multi-Port RS232 to Ethernet Converter
  • Compact size : 87mm x 57mm x 24mm
  • Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
  • ۲ x RS232 (RJ45 interface, up to 230.4Kbps)
  • Access Restriction : IP and MAC address filtering, Password
  • Security Protocols : SSL3.0/TLS1.0, SSH2.0
  • Flexible configuration and network communication by ‘AT Commands’ (patent)
  • ۴ Communication modes (TCP server, TCP client, AT Command and UDP)
  • Variety of monitoring status(debugging mode, ezManager, Telnet)
  • DHCP and PPPoE
  • DNS (easy access using domain name)
  • DDNS (dynamic IP address management by domain name)
  • IP Change Notification for dynamic IP address management (TCP, UDP and DDNS)
  • Telnet COM Port Control Option (RFC 2217)
  • Firmware upgrade through Network
  • Powerful management software for Windows OS (ezManager)
  • Virtual COM Port Redirector for Windows OS (ezVSP)
  • Environmentally-friendly RoHS compliant

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